My, We’ve Been Inactive

Geocaching gets hard when jobs and school get in the way, but things might get active again once we finish making up our individual tracking cards.

In other news, one of our tracking cards, #006 was found by a fellow geocacher, AKindOfMagick. It’s really exciting to have something we left be found an hopefully passed along. 

Delphinus’ first solo cache, Redstart #1, was a quick one. I had looked for this one before but missed it the first go around. The logs were SOAKED! I did not leave card due to all the water and cards not being laminated yet. Not a very scenic location but very easy.

Yesterday we went out to lunch and decided to look for a quick cache at a local shopping center. This was a real quick park and grab and we stopped in to grab a pretzel as a reward.

On our way back to home sweet home, we found another cache at the Tennessee Welcome Center.
Lots of beautiful views to see while you’re driving through the mountains.

This was another guardrail cache that was an easy find once we figured out what the cache was. Careful for thorns and spiders.

You may be asking yourself: why is there a picture of tweezers in this post? Well, the tweezers are a necessary tool needed for this cache.

Two caches in one post today, folks. The first one we looked for in Lovettsville, Virginia we couldn’t find, it was located at an interesting building. The museum wasn’t open, unfortunately so we couldn’t check it out.
Our next cache was an easy find at a country store. We took a small piece of pyrite and left our card. One of the kids fell in love with the pyrite so we let him switch it out for a silly band that we will leave at our next find.

This cache… This cache was an adventure. Definitely scenic with a bit of a hike. We missed spotting it the first time because we mistook the cache for a Gatorade bottle. Definitely a cache that I would suggest doing in the fall unless you don’t mind galavanting through lots of vegetation. We walked through lots of spider webs and if we made it through without getting poison ivy it would be a miracle. We left our card, but unfortunately the blogger left our stamp at the last cache, so we’ll be looking out for a replacement.

Second cache for the day: Chatham Mall-Days Gone Bye. The cache was in a shopping center that held a lot of memories for the person who hid the cache but as out-of-towners it held little meaning for us. A bit down the road there is an old Enchanted Forest (west on 40 if you want to check it out), which was why we chose to do this cache because the older members of our group have memories of a similar park.

in cache we left our card as usual and also the Playland ticket we found in OC

Today’s find was the 26 Quick Grab. This was a somewhat dangerous grab because it was on the side of a busy road. At first it was difficult to spot because it was so small but it didn’t take us long. We weren’t able to leave anything this time on account of the size of the cache, and the log was nearly full, but we were able to sign it as BHI.

Made a trip to Ocean City, MD and found a cache on the boardwalk. We love OC so this was a treat. The cache was big enough to leave our card as well as the tracking card we found from Terri2South, and a green button as well. We took a ticket from Marty’s Playland in exchange.

There is tons of things to love here in ocean city, especially if, like your beloved blogger ( Tori) you love food. There are Thrasher’s fries, Kohr’s Ice cream, Bull on the Beach and so much more. The little ones are big fans of the Kite Loft and Trimper’s. Lots of memories have been made here and we hope to make a few more.

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